Bootheel Babies & Families is a comprehensive community effort to reduce infant mortality in the region by mobilizing, facilitating, coordinating and increasing engagement of multi-sector partners and community members. With the help of community members, businesses and organizations, we’re committed to reducing infant deaths by 15% by 2022 by addressing three key causes of infant mortality:

Explore three key factors

driving the Infant Mortality Rate in Missouri’s Bootheel:


Access to healthcare plays a vital role in infant mortality in the Bootheel. Discover how, and what steps are needed for a better future.

Safe Sleep

75% of infant deaths in the Bootheel are related to unsafe sleep habits. Learn how you can help prevent future deaths.

Substance Misuse

Substance abuse and misuse both affect the health and wellbeing of families in the Bootheel. Here’s what you can do to help.


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