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Access to healthcare is a vital issue in the Bootheel


From economic challenges and behavioral influencers, to the absence of education and lack of access to resources, the causes for infant mortality are numerous. Both pre- and post-natal care have been identified as critical factors in infant mortality. These include:

Health of the mother:
An unhealthy lifestyle that includes a poor diet and substance misuse, such as smoking, can greatly affect the baby’s health during and after pregnancy.

Prenatal care:
Access to early and consistent prenatal care from a healthcare provider is crucial to ensure both a successful pregnancy, and a healthy baby.

Baby’s nutrition:
Post-birth, it’s essential for babies to receive adequate and appropriate nutrition, and to avoid items that could potentially be unhealthy.

Explore what Bootheel Babies & Families is doing to address these causes in six Bootheel counties.

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Resources for new parents

From healthcare to transportation and basic needs support, explore local resources.

Healthcare during pregnancy

When to see a healthcare provider during your pregnancy.

Preparing for your baby

Steps to take before bringing your baby home.

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