We need your help to keep babies safe.

Unsafe sleep habits, such as bed sharing, kill more babies in the Bootheel than anything else. These deaths can be prevented, and it’s as simple as learning your ABC’S:

Babies should always sleep ALONE.

Babies who share a bed with a caregiver are at significantly higher risk of sleep-related death than those who don’t. In fact, bed sharing is the single biggest cause of death for babies in Missouri’s Bootheel. Always put your baby to sleep in his or her own crib or other safe sleep surface.

Babies should always sleep on their BACKS.

Babies who sleep on their backs are at significantly lower risk of dying from SIDS and sleep-related causes like suffocation and asphyxiation. Until their first birthday, babies should always sleep on their backs for ALL sleep times—including naps and at night.

Babies should always sleep in a CRIB or other safe SLEEP SURFACE.

It’s critical for your baby to sleep in a safe environment with a firm mattress and tightly fitted sheet. Blankets, crib bumpers, pillows and stuffed toys are all suffocation hazards to babies.

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