Swaddling is a way of snuggly wrapping an infant in a blanket. Although special swaddling blankets are available, a basic receiving blanket will also work. Newborns love to be swaddled because the warmth resembles their mother’s womb. When done correctly, swaddling can be a great way to calm infants and promote sleep.

Babies can be swaddled at night and naptime. To make your baby safe and comfortable, keep these swaddling tips in mind:

– Stop swaddling by two months of age, before babies start to roll over.
– Put babies to sleep on their backs in their own cribs.
– Keep cribs free of blankets, bumper pads, pillows and stuffed animals.
– Check babies for signs of overheating, such as sweat, flushed cheeks and rapid breathing.

And if you’d like to learn more, check out this BabyCenter video: How To Swaddle Video

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Disclaimer: If your baby has a fever or other symptoms, or you have concerns about the growth and development of your child, always seek care with your healthcare provider.