Infant Mortality is a key indicator of a nation's health and well-being. Indeed, it affects EVERYONE. The loss of an infant can traumatically affect the emotional lives of mothers and loved ones, and create lasting effects that touch entire communities.

Long-Lasting Effects on Families, Employers & Taxpayers

The impact of this tragedy is routinely overlooked and unnoticed. Our babies deserve better. Our families deserve better. Our communities deserve better.

  • For Families

    A potential lifetime of depression
  • For Employers

    10-times the cost (uncomplicated vs. premature births)
  • For Taxpayers

    Over $600 Billion in related services

It Affects You, and You Can Help

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General Reports

Missouri Health Assessment

Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services – 2014

A highly detailed look at Missouri’s Public Health Infrastructure, Health Care Access & Costs, and Modifiable Risk Factors.

Community Needs Assessment

Bootheel Network for Health Improvement – 2014

Presents and overview of current community conditions for Dunklin, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Scott and Stoddard county area.

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Bootheel Babies and Families is an infant mortality reduction initiative funded and supported by Missouri Foundation for Health working in coordination with BNHI and MBRC.