4 ways to keep your baby healthy throughout the Christmas season


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, it’s the germiest too. For babies meeting a lot of family members, there’s an increased risk of catching a cold or worse. But you can help keep your infant’s immune system in top shape. Here’s how:

  1. Ensure your infant is up to date on vaccines

Diseases that keep adults in bed for a couple days can be extremely dangerous for babies. Double-check whether your baby is caught up on all vaccines he or she is old enough for, so viruses like whooping cough won’t become an issue. Your local health department is a great resource for immunizations.

  1. Make sure everyone washes their hands before holding the baby

The entire family is going to want to hold the baby. And who can blame them? Before you pass your little one over, though, ask each person to wash their hands so viruses and infections aren’t as likely to spread. You may also want to carry hand sanitizer in the diaper bag in case there isn’t a sink nearby.

  1. Choose your infant’s clothes carefully 

Tiny Santa and elf outfits are almost too cute to resist. But if your child is too warm or too cold, he or she won’t feel well. Keep him or her comfortable and at the right temperature. Learn how to dress an infant during winter. [link to “Quick Guide for Dressing Your Baby in Winter” blog]

  1. Make sure your baby gets plenty of rest

All the holiday excitement and being shuffled from one person to another can exhaust an infant, weakening his or her immune system. Set aside time each day for your baby to nap, so you’re less likely to have to deal with a sick, fussy child.

Discover how to reduce your infant’s risk of suffocation and SIDS all year long. [link to http://www.bootheelbabies.org/safe-sleep/]

Disclaimer: If your baby has a fever or other symptoms, or you have concerns about the growth and development of your child, always seek care with your healthcare provider.